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1 Geoserver installation for its use with Pandora FMS

This documentation has been tested with GeoServer version 2.13.0.

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This guide is designed to provide a minimal test environment. To set up a production environment, review the GeoServer documentation.


1.1 Start


GeoServer is an application written in Java, so a JRE v8 is required to run it. It can also be launched using a Java application server such as Tomcat.


Run ./bin/ in the root of the GeoServer directory.

After starting the server, you will be able to access the web console configuration from http://localhost:8080/geoserver with the admin user and the password geoserver.

1.2 Adding our own maps

In the welcome screen there are 3 options that will be necessary to add our own maps:

  • Adding workspaces
  • Adding stores
  • Adding layers

1.2.1 Adding a workspace

Here it is necessary only to enter a name under which the work stores and layers are to be found later. In the URI field, anything can be entered.

1.2.2 Adding stores

First it is necessary to choose the type of data, which will depend on the file being used. Depending on the type, more options may appear, but the basic thing is to choose the previously created workspace, assign a name to this store, and add the file path.

1.2.3 Adding layers

Once the store is created, a layer must be published to expose the file through the service. After selecting the store created previously, we will access a form with information about the layer. The first thing to do is to enter the name of the layer. Next, enter the coordinate reference system, which varies depending on the file you want to publish. Finally, the layer frame must be added. The values of the frame can be extracted from the used file or from the chosen coordinate reference system.

After adding the layer successfully, we can create a connection in the Pandora FMS GIS maps. To add new map files, repeat the data store steps and add the layer.