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About me

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No tomar en serio todo lo que dice aqui :)


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Hello there! :)

Sancho Lerena

My name is Sancho. I'm 35 years old and live in Madrid, Spain. I'm Pandora FMS project leader, you could contact me at slerena gmail (d.o.t) com.

I am also keep development of Pandora FMS, and Integria IMS with more people. I'll be glad to answer your questions and very open to suggestions, ideas or comments.

Pandora FMS project official webpage is at and twitter at!pandorafms, we have also a Facebook group :-)

I am co-founder and R&D manager at ArticaST, a Software Company which develops several OpenSource projects like Pandora FMS, Integria IMS, Babel Enterprise. You could get my GPG public key here: slerena publickey.

I also have a tech blog about OpenSource at

Follow me in twitter at!slerena